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Deer Velvet
Mobilise Deer Velvet
Our Price: £20.79

Deer Velvet is a renewable resource and harvested yearly. No animals are harmed in harvesting this product. A product guaranteed by the New Zealand Government Department of Agriculture.
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Deer Velvet....Supplement Superpower!

What's the latest news on maintaining health in old age and keeping joints supple in dogs and cats?

Probably one of the oldest known to man. Embraced by the Chinese for more than 2000 years. Revered as one of the "greats" in the health cupboard of the ancients, and brought to you by the wisdom that most convinces people...the test of time.

Deer are familiar figures in Chinese mythology and often accompany the god of longevity. Traditional Chinese literature dating back more than 2000 years extols the benefits of deer velvet as a premium substance, and ancient scrolls depict a long list of reasons to take this supplement. To us these lists seem too long, excessive, unbelievable! and actually quite extraordinary. In moden times we have adopted the viewpoint   one problem solution. BUT perhaps we should listen to the argument in it's favour particularly when the promise is

  • helping to overcome system exhaustion
  • maintaining resistance to illness
  • helping to resist the effects of old age
  • keeping the joints flexible and supple
  • improving strength
  • helping to maintain immune function


Deer velvet has been and is heavily researched. It began in Japan in the 1930's. Since then Korea,China,Hong Kong,Australia,New Zealand, United States and Canada have all had a hand in it. For the last 10 years New Zealand has spent millions on researching the health benefits and has a huge deer industry, in that clean, green land.

How does it work?

Stag antler grows at an extraordinary rate in just a few months. IT IS THE FASTEST GROWING ANIMAL ORGAN IN THE WORLD. This high growth rate is because velvet has a very high content of morphogenic proteins and growth factors. This is thought to vastly increase the rate of cell division. It is these substances that are thought to benefit pets in old age, who no longer produce these natural substances.

In addition, deer velvet contains other good things. Collagen,glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins all of which support the skeletal system ( bones and joints to you). They are major constituents of cartilage...which as we have mentioned before on other pages deteriorates a lot with age and may result in arthritis.

Velvet deer antler is named after the soft, velvet like covering that deer antlers have before they turn boney. Antlers are organs of bone which regenerate yearly from the head of male deer.Now apart from bone, nerves also regenerate, actually at a rate of 1cm or so daily. So it is extrapolated that this may have some useful effect on the deteriorating ageing brain.
How is it made? 

Deer velvet is the actively growing stage of stag's antlers. It is harvested with great care in a very humane manner by specially trained technicians or veterinarians who conform to the National Velvet Standards Body of New Zealand. Mobilise Deer Velvet comes from herds approved by the New Zealand Game Board for their very high welfare standards.Things you need to know:
  • Deer velvet regenerates naturally every year so deer are not killed for their antlers.
  • National Velveting Standards Board (NVSB) audits animal welfare standards and provides means of traceability.
  • Velvet is removed by methods proven to ensure analgesia, so deer feel no pain.
  • If you don't remove the antlers deer danger themselves, other stock and also their handlers.
  • Mobilise Deer Velvet is immediately freeze dried to maintain all the active ingredients, ground and encapsulated in gelatin capsules, to preserve natural activity and retain the health benefits.
  • It is harvested sustainably in green, clean New Zealand, the largest exporter of deer vevet in the world.

How long before I see results?

Mobilise Deer Velvet should produce results within 3-4 weeks provided that your pet takes the recommended dose.An initial purchase of at least one months supply is recommended.If for whatever reason Mobilise Deer Velvet does not produce the expected results we offer a full money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.Just return the bottle back to us and we will organise your refund.
There can be variability in response between pets, as there is with many other products. For optimum results take Mobilise Deer Velvet for at least 3-4 months.

Is it pure?

Mobilise Deer Velvet is a natural product.It does not contain any added fillers, artificial preservatives colours or flavours.It comes from the natural growth of deer antler. It is produced in New Zealand recognised for its clean, green and beautiful natural environment. It comes in a gelatin capsule.
Please note
Mobilise Deer Velvet is a non-prescription supplement product. Deer velvet antler has been an integral part of Chinese traditional medicine for 2000 years.Recent research studies with animals provided deer velvet a in very high doses reported no side effects. All information is provided for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for veterinary advice or treatment for specific veterinary conditions. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. You should seek prompt veterinary help for any specific pet health issues. Mobilise Deer Velvet is a pet dietary supplement. As individual animals differ, so will results.