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For Excellent Dog Health and Horse Health and Animal Health with Animal herbs range of Dog and Horse and Animal supplements Horse and dog wormer
Animal herbs range of natural herbal alternative products for horse health, ponies and dog health and animal health. Also including horse health supplements to improve horse health and dog health naturally. Also including equine supplements to improve horse health and dog health Naturally effective in the treatment of hookworms ,redworm, roundworm, lungworm,and all parasitic infestation Dog wormer, horse wormer , animal wormer Herbs for horses and dogs - equine formula for stallion fertility, worming, parisites, colic and lameness
Canine Natural Cures - Homoeopathy and Natural Healthcare for Dogs
A directory and information site for dog behaviour and health including holistic, alternative and complimentary care, supplements and natural aids Homoeopathic/Natural Remedies to help with your Dogs Behaviour Problems.
Glucosamine and Arthritis Information Center
The Glucosamine and Arthritis Center contains information on arthritis and glucosamine, the latest glucosamine research, glucosamine product reviews and tips for effectively managing your joint pain.
Osteoarthritis and Glucosamine
Information on osteoarthritis and glucosamine, current research and the latest news on glucosamine and osteoarthritis and how to treat joint pain.

PetGuard -Natural Pet Food, Nutritional holistic organic dog cat care.
PetGuard, Providing natural pet food, holistic, organic food and supplies for happier, more natural, healthier lives for your pet.

Tart Cherry Juice - Gout Relief from King Orchards
Cherry juice can help relieve the pain of arthritis and gout
Forbes Copper-copper bracelets for natural stiffness treatment, dog collars.
Forbes Copper is a Dorset based company producing copper bracelets and collars for natural healing, providing effective treatment for stiffness conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis, for customers across the UK. We also do dog collars.

Freedom Collars
Freedom Collars Ltd - beat animal arthitis
Holistic Vet - health and wellness for animals, your pets - cats and dogs - phone consultations, symptom relief, homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic, order products online, from The Holistic Vet, Dr. Marc Bittan DVM, Holistic Veterinary Heal
The Holistic Vet web site provides holistic veterinary and natural pet care for the health of your dog and cat. Information about phone consultations, homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, ant-aging detox, symptomatic remedies, wellness programs, and healthcare products for your pet dog and cat that you can order online. Holistic Veterinary Healthcare from The Holistic Vet, Dr. Marc Bittan DVM in Los Angeles and around the world.

Pet memorials handcrafted from durable oak
Pet memorials handcrafted from oak and priced from £33.95. Engraved, peg-in Pet memorials.

The dog whisperer - dog training in UK & USA
Dog training in UK & USA. About one-to-one dog training and how I put harmony back into your family. Puppy and pre-purchase advice, my background as a lecturer and after dinner speaker.

Amazingpets-pets health
amazingpets-pets health

All Our Pets: Natural Pet Food and Nutrition for your Dog and Cat s Health
Our concern is your pets health & nutrition. We offer Flint River Ranch natural pet foods and treats and information on keeping your pet healthy

Doghaus - Travel and Adventure Accessories for your Dog
Doghaus is the UKs premier retailer of Dog Accessories associated with Camping, Hiking, Boating and Outdoor Pursuits, selling products such as Backpacks, Life Jackets, Dog Bowls, and Dog Lead Bags

Pet insurance from Petplan - Insuring pet cover and health care for your dog, cat and rabbit
Pet insurance from Petplan - Insuring pet cover and health care for your dog, cat and rabbit

Pet insurance Dog Insurance Cat Insurance Quote online NOW with Petquote
Pet insurance Dog Insurance Cat Insurance - Lifetime comprehensive protection from Petquote Limited and Pinnacle

Dog Paintings Dog Portraits Cat Paintings Horses Paintings And Portraits. Commission A Portrait Of Your Cat Dog Or Horse
Pet and Dog portraits - paintings of dogs cats horses animals and other wildlife. A stunning collection of pictures and portraits in oils pastels and watercolours by N. J. Davies. Commision your pet portrait today.

Saga - Providing high quality services for people 50 and Over
Providing high quality services such as holidays and insurance for people in the uk aged 50 and over.

 Bee venom products and bee venom therapy - Api Health
ApiHealth is a developer and supplier of natural honey bee health products specialising in bee venom and bee pollen therapies. Products ease pain due to arthritis, inflammation, rheumitism, and painful joints.

Bee Venom Therapy - Natural Health Treatment For Arthritis & Joint Pain
Happy Families took ancient bee venom therapy and added a little modern research to create an exciting new range of bee venom supplements offering a natural health treatment for joint pain and arthritis.

Natures Fix Health Products - Home Page
Natures Fix Health Products - Home Page

Handicapped Pets - For Elderly, Disabled, and Injured Pets - Products, Services, and Support
Handicapped Pets is for elderly, injured, and handicapped pets offering products, services, and support. Learn about dog carts, pet wheelchairs, harnesses, slings, splints, dog boots, dog diapers, and everything that the caretaker of a handicapped dog, cat, or other pet needs. Includes discussion boards, classifieds, photo and story galleries, veterinarian and holistic healer listings, much more.

Animal Rehabilitation
Manufacturers and suppliers of animal rehabilitation Equipment

Fit for Life - The Disabled Animals Club
Meeting place for owners of animals with disabilities, links, information, contacts

Dog Boots by Pro-Active Paws
Our dogboots securely stay on pet, working, sporting, disabled dogs, shield wound dressings and alleviate lameness caused by cuts and bruises. The dog boots protect active dogs paws against injury and harsh ground. Slip resistant, washable, durable yet low cost.

DogLeggs® - Products for the Comfort & Health of Your Pets
Veterinarian recommended for hygroma, ulcers, arthritis, soreness and swelling of elbows and front legs of all breeds and sizes of dogs

Equafleece® for horses dogs and owners
Equafleece® for horses dogs and owners

Ramps and Ramp Products From Handi-Ramps
Ramps and ramp products to meet the needs of all customers. We can design and manufacture ramps to meet your needs.

K-9 Carts
K-9 Carts wheelchairs, beds, diapers, hygiene products for mobility impaired pets
Catriona Macdonald Registered Osteopath specialising in equine osteopathy and osteopathic treatment for horses and working dogs.
Catriona Macdonald is a registered osteopath specialising in equine osteopathy and osteopathic treatment for workings dogs.

Dog food and cat food. Natural holistic pet health
Dog food and cat food from Burns Pet Nutrition. Pet nutrition that offers a holistic approach to diet and health for dogs and cats of all ages.

CanineConcepts - dog supplies, accessories & dog training equipment from the UK pet store with a difference
Dog Supplies & Accessories from CanineConcepts: Innovative Online UK Pet Shop with unique dog products from around the world.

Welcome to Denes Natural Pet Care Ltd - Natural Pet Care since 1951
Offers a range of cat/dog/kitten/puppy foods, herbal medicines, supplements & aromatherapy products. Advice from trained staff, animal welfare, health, food dietary requirements, Free pet care guides.