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Here are some letters from our customers...

You will be pleased to hear that D'Arcys walking is much better thank you.He started to get better slightly-10 days to two weeks after taking Mobilise,and is now walking very well. We are so grateful, as we both really thought he would not walk again properly.
 Many thanks again, Dave and Val.
So, news about my husky who is 11 years old. Mobilise DS has taken years off him.He can do stairs, jump in the back of the car...he even reminds me if I forget his maintenance capsule!!In fact my husband and father in law are so impressed they are taking the human fingers crossed. Let's hope they don't start barking! Thanks once again!
 Alison Pernollet
I just wanted you to know how delighted I am with your product. My dog Benjy is only three years old but he badly dislocated one of his hocks and fractured an ankle about two years ago.He made a great recovery but has been a bit lame ever since and was really stiff after walking and lying down. I was really worried as I didn't want him to have a bad leg for the rest of his, hopefully long life.I tried many products with limited sucess and decided to try Mobilise. I am so glad I did! He is much happier and much more mobile now!! He will be staying on Mobilise for life and I want to thank you for a brilliant product!
 Elizabeth Falconer
Thank you for the wonderful product for my border collie "Millie"- 3 weeks down the line and she is limping a lot less and has hopefully turned the corner. I will keep you informed as to her progress.
 Catherine Girling
Dear Mr Morrison. I would like to say how much better my King Charles Cavalier has been on these capsules...
 Mrs A.D.Williams
Thank you for supplying a product which is keeping my dog mobile and the fact that I can sprinkle the contents of the capsules on his food is a big bonus.
 Mrs C. Webster
In August I purchased your Mobilise DS for Gemma, my Great Dane/Alsation cross guard dog who is 9 years old. Gemmas ability to move was so bad we had decided to have her put to sleep.Out of desperation we turned to the internet and found your product. After a period of only two weeks her mobility was so much better she was back to her old self. It was like a miracle. She has never been a friendly dog but through voice control and love she has always done as she has been told ie don't eat the cat! But to our family she is an angel, but the only problem I have now is when I take her out in the fields for a walk she has started to run at me and knock me over, she calls it playing, but she has not done it for months. I really wish there is some way I can promote your products up here in Yorkshire, as this is a very cold and damp area and most older dogs seem to suffer with their joints. I will certainly be promoting you to anyone I can. May I take this opportunity of thanking you...I now believe in miracles
 Mrs J. Bibby

My dachshund has decreased movement and flexibility of the spine, since using your product we have seen an excellent improvement, it's like having a young pup again. Many thanks.

Hi Steve!
I just want to tell you how delighted I am with mobilise!
I have a four year old rabbit with arthritic problems and purchased some mobilise from you just before Christmas. I am now seeing the benefits! My rabbit is moving much better than he was before. He still has problems bending to groom himself so we have to bath him regularly but all in all, the improvement so far is tremendous! He is moving much quicker and doesn't seem to be having problems moving his back legs as he did before (he was dragging his bottom end along the floor and trying not to use his back legs at all). 
 Also, he had some cloudy patches on each eye. Our vet said these were injuries caused by hay poking him in the eye and didn't have any concerns about them as his eyesight didn't seem affected. She gave us some drops to clear them up but they didn't work. However, since he has been on mobilise, these patches have cleared up! It's lovely to see him looking bright eyed again!
 He has his mobilise sprinkled onto a peice of pear every day and really has taken to it well. He sits waiting for his pear on an evening, it is his daily treat! I am so delighted to see his progress and wanted to thank you for helping improve our much loved bunny's life! We were getting to a stage where we really didn't know what to do to help him and as far as we are concerned, mobilise is a miracle worker! 
Thank you so much!
Jackie and Keith Hitchen (and Clyde the bunny)!  

Dear Steve,

I just want to thank you so much for sending me a supply of Mobilise RS to give to my cat, Sarah.  Sarah was in quite a lot of mobility problems her left leg/knee a result of an old injury. She also had hip problems.I was giving
ineffective medication then a herbal treatment which was in
liquid capsule form which smelt awful so she could detect it in her food right away. I tried to put it in her mouth but she was so upset at the smell that she started foaming at the mouth and was so distressed that I stopped trying.  I then found your website and read other people's testimonials so felt quite confident to send for them.  It has just been over 6 weeks and I want to thank you very much as they have been so easy to administer - Sarah hasn't detected anything different in her food.  She is walking straight now after limping since December - she is now even running up and downstairs and chasing her brother, Thomas!  So I am now just on the maintaining capsule to see how see goes on.She has lost some weight though so not sure if this has anything to do with anything?  Unless it is just age as she is coming up to 13.
Thanks again.
We have an alsatian x collie, she is a big dog - weighing in at about 6 stone - known to us as The Hairy Bear!
We don't know how old she is exactly as we rescued her, but from our own records we have had her 10 years and she wasn't a pup when we had her - she was fully grown -so she could be anywhere between 12 and 14 years old.
About a year ago she started to suffer with joint stiffness in her front legs - unusual for an alsatian as they usually have hip problems - nevertheless a year of backwards and forwards to the vets, x-rays, various potions etc and of course, the heartache of seeing our beloved dog not even able to stand up and walk 20 yards.
We thought D-Day had come..............with one last attempt, fingers crossed and the hope of a miracle, we trawled the internet looking for advice and a ray of light - which is when we came across Mobilise DS.  With nothing to lose we ordered some. Betty (the dog) by this time was on a lot of tablets which were clearly not doing her any good.  She was drinking gallons of water, had nose bleeds, was constantly hungry and suffering from a weak bladder- all side-effects.
We started on Mobilise DS. After 6 weeks we were overjoyed by the improvement in her mobility. We can't SHOUT about it enough. The results are ASTOUNDING! 
Thank you so much.
David & Julie Poole
My vet put my dog on to MOBILISE in February after x-rays had shown arthritis in the hips. The improvement took place over a few weeks and then I halved the dose as recommended. I am very pleased to be using a product that is natural. It fits in well with my own views on natural health
Mr P.
My 12 year old lab developed blood in her motions when on rimadyl. My vet suggested MOBILISE and now she is comfortable and active at half the cost
Mrs C.
Our dog is 11 years old and has degenerative osteoarthritis. She has been using Mobilise for a couple of months now and her movement has improved dramatically. Being a GSD her hind legs are weaker but she still chases after dogs and squirrels like she did when she was young.
 Mrs D

I have been using Mobilise after a vet recommended it to me for our pet dog, Lucy. Since she has been taking it, we have found her happy to take longer walks and climb up into the car with more ease than before she was taking it. '

My 12 year old labrador cross had liver disease diagnosed in 2000...maybe this was caused by anti-inflammatories. I'm not sure, however we switched to MOBILISE and she has been excellent since. In fact last week she jumped over a four foot wall in the garden something she hasn't done for years!!
Mrs H.
This is the second lot of Mobilise DS that I have bought and can thoroughly recommend it..
Misty my 13yr old collie was getting very weak and her joints must have been painful and Metacam wasn't helping as much as it had been.... Mobilise DS has given her a new lease of life thanks!!!
Lyn Churchill
I am amazed at the result of my dog Tia who is a GSD aged 8.  From a young pup she was diagnosed with hip dysplacia and I took her to a specialist centre for assessment.  Basically they advised both hips would need a replacement from around 2-3 years.  I never really wanted her operated on and decided that when she got really bad I would have her put to sleep, so as far as I am concerned her life has been on borrowed time.  I watched out for the signs such as unable to jump into the car, get up steps and general pain. She was well exercised along with her brother Taz and generally coped very well with her hip problems.  Her brother Taz died unfortunately only 5 weeks ago of a stomach torsion - this happened during the night and I had no idea he was poorly.  I awoke to find him dead - this was such a shock.  Then Tia suddenley developed a yelping and appeared unwell.  The vet revealed it was her hips and wanted her to start course of steroids etc.  I felt I was being faced with losing my 2nd dog in such a short space of time - I was devastated.  Having been on DS for the past 5 weeks, she has generally perked up but what is most amazing is that she sits straight for the first time in I dont know how many years.  Her normal sit position because of her hips has always been on a slant with one hind quarter sticking out - but now she sits with both quarters tucked in as any normal dog would sit.  This has left me absolutely intrigued as to how this medication could do this, would you be able to drop me a line, as I have read the e book.  Because this is so amazing we went to Holland and Barrett with a list of the ingredients on DS and found the equalivent in human strength - the only thing missing is vitamin C.
Many thanks

Thanks for very prompt delivery here in France.
Our 10 yr old Labrador Stanley gradually 'slowed down' , had difficulty getting up and developed a limp which turned very severe. Eventually we took hom to the vet and x-rays showed he had severe arthritis in one front paw, both shoulders and hips. Not a good prognosis. He was put on Rimadyl to help with pain, but this did not seem to alter his limp and he was unable to walk more than (at max.) a hundred yards before laying down for a while. We thought that this would be his future life. I researched the subject on the web, found Mobilise DS and decided to give it a go. It's taken about 2 months but the improvement in Stanley in remarkable. He's almost back to his old self. No limp, gets up easily, jumps into car and is now able to walk without stopping for a couple of miles or more. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Even with a severe case of arthritis it has given Stanley an active life again. Thanks you very much indeed.
Steve Coley



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