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Magnetic collars for arthritis in dogs
Magnetic Collars
Our Price: £24.48

Dog arthritis aid.

Mobilise RS
Special offer! Mobilise RS+Magnetic Collar( any size)
Our Price: £43.08

Special offer! Mobilise DS+Magnetic Collar( any size)
Special offer! Mobilise DS+Magnetic Collar( any size)
Our Price: £47.00


The importance of magnetism.

Magnetic fields are thought to be important elements for life. The very process of cell division in the body is due to magnetic energy. As your pet ages it begins to suffer the effects of poor circulation and reduced removal from the body of toxins. A strong magnetic field such as is found in Magnopulse collars may enhance the process of healing. Some studies suggest that there maybe an improvement in circulation, a calming of nerve signals and a change in the behaviour of the cells in the healing process, resulting in pain relief without drugs.
The truth is I don't think anyone is really sure how it works, but it certainly does work for people and animals, as my customers will happily testify.